‘My Brilliant Surgeon’- Christian Jessen’s Tribute To Our Surgeon Asim Shahmalak

POSTED: 28 May 2013

We were delighted to again welcome Embarrassing Bodies star Christian Jessen to Crown Clinic.

TV's most popular doctor had his second hair transplant with us in March.

Dr Jessen was so pleased with the results that he posted a very touching tribute to our surgeon Asim Shahmalak on his Twitter account.

He described Dr Shahmalak as 'my brilliant surgeon.'

Dr Shahmalak is very proud of his reputation as 'the doctor's doctor.'

For a doctor to treat another doctor is the ultimate tribute.

Dr Shahmalak first performed a hair transplant on Dr Jessen four years ago.

Dr Jessen has continued to lose his natural hair and came back for further treatment to bolster his hairline.

You can see just how the £5,500 operation benefitted a delighted Dr Jessen in this story on Mail Online - the world's biggest newspaper website.


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