Andy Murray says his wife wants him to have a hair transplant

Tennis ace Andy Murray has revealed how his wife Kim wants him to have a hair transplant.

The former Wimbledon star is only 33 but increasing numbers of younger men in his age range are seeking help with their hair.

Why wait, the thinking goes, when you can have decades of benefit from a procedure by going sooner rather than later?

Andy has been losing his hair for years and is a great candidate for a hair transplant.

He has a bald spot which is growing around his crown and his hair is also receeding around the temples.

He would look years younger if he filled in those gaps in his temples and also covered up his bald spot.

Andy brought up the subject of his hair transplant when he appeared on the Sky panel show A League Of Their Own.

Referring to comedian Jimmy Carr’s recent hair transplant, Andy said: “My wife has been telling me to have one for a couple of years.”

The Scot would not be the first tennis ace to get help with his hair.

Rafael Nadal, 34, the multiple grand slam winner, has undergone a hair transplant at a Spanish clinic in the last few years.

Andy joked about the Spaniard’s hair loss on the same show, saying: “Who loses their hair first out of me and Rafa?”

The answer to that question is clearly Rafa because his baldness is a little more advanced than Andy’s.

Rafa almost certainly had an FUE (follicular unit extraction) procedure – favoured by 80% of patients at Crown Clinic.

This is where the donor hair is extracted from the back and sides of the scalp individually – limiting any scarring.

Dr Asim Shahmalak, the consultant surgeon at Crown Clinic, is one of the world’s leading exponents of FUE.

Famous clients who have had FUE procedures at Crown Clinic include the Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd, model Calum Best and the Homes Under The Hammer presenter Martin Roberts.

Dr Shahmalak also performs the other method of hair transplantation, FUT (follicular unit transplantation) on around 20% of the patients at Crown Clinic.

His most famous celebrity FUT client is the TV doctor Christian Jessen.

With FUT, Dr Shahmalak extracts the donor hair by surgically cutting a strip of skin from the scalp. This makes the scarring more noticeable with FUT and, for that reason, it is unsuitable as a hair transplantation method for men who like to wear their hair short or shaved.