Crown Clinic surgeon Asim Shahmalak honoured to be President of The Trichological Society

Crown Clinic’s consultant surgeon Asim Shahmalak is the new President of the Trichological Society.

He was appointed to the role for a two-year term earlier this year and is busy combing his duties with the Society with running Crown Clinic and providing an unparalleled service of FUE and FUT hair transplants for his patients.

It is a reflection of Dr Shahmalak’s eminence in the world of hair loss and hair transplantation that he was chosen for such a prestigious post.

The Trichological Society (TTS) is an independent, autonomous, professional body with an international reputation.

TTS is dedicated to orthodox hair sciences and hair specialisms. It has been providing academic standard distance learning trichology courses to dedicated students from medical and non-medical backgrounds worldwide for the last 16 years.

The increasing worldwide membership includes respected academics and hair transplant practitioners such as Dr Shahmalak who all work in the field of orthodox hair sciences.

As part of his dutes with TTS, Dr Shahmalka is doing a presentation at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on November 14.

He will be talking about the world of the Trichological Society – specifically hair loss and hair transplant clinics, hair analysis, hair replacement and education.

The talk is for The Next Generation of Formulating and has been organised in conjunction with SCS Formulate Creating Cosmetics.

If you would like to attend the talk, go to

Dr Shahmalak was attracted to the role at the Trichological Society because of its commitment to orthodox science.

Before he started Crown Clinic in 2007, Dr Shahmalak was a general surgeon with the NHS.

He is a passionate advocate of orthodox hair sciences.

You will often read about new scientific ‘breakthroughs’ in the world of hair loss and new ‘miracle’ cures for baldness.

But the stark truth is there is only one long-term permanent solution for male and female pattern baldness – and that is a hair transplant, either by FUE (follicular unit extraction) or FUT (follicular unit transplantation).

Dr Shahmalak is one of the very best hair transplant surgeons in the world and loves to share his knowledge and expertise with his peers and people working in the world of trichology.

That is why he is so proud to have been chosen as President of the Trichological Society.