Prince Harry’s bald patch has doubled in size in the last year

Is Prince Harry Going Bald?

Prince Harry’s hair loss has acclerated in the last year and his bald spot has doubled in size, according to the UK’s leading hair transplant surgeon Asim Shahmalak.

New pictures have emerged of Prince Harry at the Invictus Games event at the Hague in the Netherlands with much thinner hair around his crown.

The 34-year-old’s bald spot has spread from beyond the crown to further towards his hairline at the front. Harry could eventually be as bald as his old brother William, 36,  if he does not take action, according to Dr Shahmalak.

Dr Shahmalak, whose celebrity clients include Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd and Calum Best,  said: “Fatherhood has definitely not been kind to Prince Harry’s hair.

“You can see a definite acceleration in his male pattern baldness in the last year”. “Stress is small a factor in hair loss so the struggles of combining his royal duties with marriage and becoming a father for the first time maybe a reason why his hair is thinning noticeably across the top of his scalp”.

“A much more significant factor, though, is the strong baldness gene running through the whole Windsor family.
“It started with Prince Philip and has now been passed down to Prince Charles and on to his sons Prince William and Prince Harry. Let’s hope baby Archie doesn’t get it, too!
“William got it first of the two brothers and has the strongest baldness gene of all the royals – he was losing a lot of his hair in his early 20s.
“Harry’s baldness was slower to take off but now, aged 34, he is catching up his brother fast, particularly in the crown area.
“Around 30% of men have experienced some form of hair loss by Harry’s age – so his case is not unusual, particularly when you have a baldness gene running in the family.”

Dr Shahmalak from Crown Clinic in Manchester said that Prince Harry could tackle his baldness now by having a hair transplant.

He said: “There is still time for Harry to combat the problem and restore his lost hair. He could have a FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplant like my clients Jack P Shepherd and Calum Best and also Wayne Rooney.
“Hairs are extracted individually from the back and sides of the scalp and replanted in the balding areas on the top.
“With 1,500 grafts, which amounts to around 3,000 individual hairs, he could fill in his bald patches.
“He needs to act now before it is too late. Prince William could not be helped – he would not have enough donor hair to cover his bald patches.”

Dr Shahmalak said that Prince Harry could also slow down or even halt his hair loss by taking a clinically-proven drug such as Finasteride, though one of the side effects is a lower libido!
Dr Shahmalak said: “Finasteride, also known as Propecia, could slow down or even stop Harry’s hair loss.

“A lot of men take in combination with a hair transplant. It won’t grow him any new hair but it is clinically proven to treat hair loss and is effective.
“A very small number of patients experience symptoms such as loss of libido and the growth of man boobs. These might put Harry off but they soon go away when you stop taking the drug.”

Dr Shahmalak said that Prince Harry could have come under pressure from his bride Meghan to tackle his hair loss.
He said: “She was a Hollywood actress in her former career so she knows very well the value of looking good.
“A lot of my clients come due to subtle pressure applied by their partners who would rather not be dating a bald man.”