Prince Harry’s hair loss has accelerated since he moved to the United States with wife Meghan

Prince Harry’s  hair loss has accelerated since he moved to the United States with wife Meghan, according to a leading UK surgeon.

The ‘powerful’ royal baldness gene has kicked in and the Duke of Sussex has lost more hair since moving to California 15 months ago, says Dr Asim Shahmalak, consultant hair transplant surgeon at Crown Clinic.

But the good news for Harry is that his balding is slower than Prince William’s and he is ten years behind his older brother when it comes to hair loss

Dr Shahmalak said: “Harry is 36 and at the same stage of hair loss as William when he was 26. The baldness gene is not as strong in Harry, but he is still losing his hair quickly.

“At present most of Harry’s hair loss is around the crown area.

“He has a growing bald patch right across his crown and you can also see that his hair is also thinning out towards the front.

“Without treatment, the acceleration we have seen over the last 15 months will only increase over the next year.

“Harry may never be as bald as his brother William. William has been more affected than any of the royal men.

“He inherited the powerful baldness gene from his father Prince Charles who got it from his father Prince Philip. With each generation, the hair loss appears to be getting worse which can happen in some families.

“An added factor is that there is also a hair loss gene on Harry and William’s mother Diana’s side. Her father, Earl Spencer, was also bald.

“The baldness gene can be passed down on both sides of the family.”

The progression of the brothers’ hair loss can be seen in the video of the pair talking together at RAF Shawbury in Shropshire in 2009 when they were both still serving in the forces.

At the time Prince William was 26 and showing a similar level of male pattern baldness as Harry is now.

Over the last 12 years, William, 38, has lost nearly all the hair on the top of his scalp whereas Harry’s hair loss has been slower.

However, there has been an acceleration over the last two years in the younger prince.

Dr Shahmalak has produced a graphic to show how Prince Harry’s hair will look at 50 if he does not take action to combat his baldness.

He said: “No two brothers are the same, but both William and Harry have inherited the same baldness gene.

“It is too late for Prince William and there is nothing that can be done to reverse his hair loss. Harry still has time if he wants to take action.

“Harry will be almost as bald as his older brother at 50 if he does nothing, though he will probably have a little more hair at the front of his scalp.”

Dr Shahmalak , whose celebrity clients at Crown Clinic include the Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd, and the model Calum Best, said there were two courses of action Harry could take.

He said: “He could slow down or halt the natural loss of his hair by taking a clinically proven drug such as Propecia, also known as Finasteride.

“This should stop him going any more bald but it won’t grow any new hair.

“Around two per cent of patients taking Propecia can suffer side effects such as loss of libido but this soon stops if you no longer take the drug.

“But the only way to patch up Harry’s bald spots is with a hair transplant.

“Hair can be taken from the back and sides of the scalp and replanted in the balding areas to cover up his thinning around the crown.

“All the transplanted hair is permanent and will last him for the rest of his life.”

Dr Shahmalak said that many men in the public eye have a hair transplant to prolong their careers.

He said: “Most of my celebrity clients are actors and people who appear on TV. Their earnings are dependent on them looking good and they take a strategic decision to tackle their hair loss to remain in the public eye for longer.

“Harry is in the entertainment business these days with his own deal with Netflix and he would benefit from arresting his baldness with a hair transplant.

“He is very different to his brother William who has chosen a life of service. Harry has gone down the entertainment route and his looks therefore become a key part of his appeal.”

Dr Shahmalak has seen a surge in bookings since the lockdown restrictions were eased at his world renowned clinic which is completely Covid-compliant.

He said: “People have saved up money during the lockdowns and now they are ready to spend.

“It is also easier to have a hair transplant when you are working from home. You can stay quietly at home during the recovery period and stay more anonymous while the new hair grows back.”