Why Are Some Hair Transplants More Expensive?

POSTED: 17 October 2019

Why It’s Important to Avoid a Cheap Hair Transplant

The realisation that you’re losing your hair is a stark moment for anybody that it affects. It can be a reminder that we’re aging and that our looks are changing, and generally not for the better! For those suffering with hair loss, considering a hair transplant is a logical step.

However, it can be a complicated field to navigate. There are countless new clinics, many of which have less than reputable practices. However, the promise of a fast and cheap procedure is too tempting for some people to resist.

Hair restoration is a medical procedure that requires a high level of expertise. Patients require medical monitoring and expert diagnostic knowledge to ensure they are safe throughout their procedure. In the case of many transplants, thousands of skin incisions are made – understanding anaesthetic is essential.

Price is a factor in every purchase we make, but when it comes to our bodies and health it can be disastrous to go for a cheap option. A hair transplant will be with you every day, for the rest of your life – having it done correctly is worth every penny.

In the immediate months after the operation, new hair may seem slow to appear. However, given time, if planted correctly, the grafts will begin to show.

Hair Transplants in Turkey Are Dangerous

Turkey has become a go-to hotspot for those wanting a hair transplant on a budget. Thanks to lenient laws and rampant competition the costs are low, and the procedures are quick. However, the risks involved are paramount.

Many Turkish clinics offer packages that include travel, accommodation and surgery. Worryingly, the procedures are often performed by unqualified individuals which can result in complications.

Medical procedures are more expensive in the UK. However, the cost is necessary to ensure patients health is in the best possible hands. British clinics are held to strict laws and risk losing their licenses and certifications abruptly if they fail to follow proper procedures before and after surgery.

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