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How to Know an FUE Hair Transplant is Right for You

Did you know that men in the UK are amongst the largest number to suffer from balding or baldness? Approximately 6-7 in ten men in the UK will suffer from hair loss…

05th December 2019

Why Are Some Hair Transplants More Expensive?

Have you ever wondered why some hair transplants are more expensive or why going to different countries is cheaper? Often or not, the price for a hair transplant, particularly abroad…

17th October 2019

How Many Grafts of Hair are Needed for a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a technical procedure, which is why skilled medical professionals should only perform it. One of the questions we frequently get asked is how many grafts…

09th October 2019

How Long Does A Women’s Hair Transplant Last?

A successful transplant for either gender follows a familiar timeline. Most patients can expect 60% of their new hair to appear after 6 to 9 months. 

Below is a…

26th September 2019

Why Does Stress Cause Hair Loss?

You’ve heard the saying ‘pulling your hair out’ or phrases such as ‘I’m not going to have any hair left’ when stress levels increase. But, have you ever wondered if it’s…

26th September 2019

What Vitamins are Best for Hair Growth?

Having great-looking hair is a sign of affluence, health and beauty.

While factors such as age, genetics and hormones are inextricably linked to hair loss, there are a…

26th September 2019

Can caffeine shampoo cure hair loss?

Caffeine hair shampoo is a popular and instant choice to help regain hair loss. The caffeine in the shampoo is claimed to re-produce hair growth at the roots. But…

12th September 2019

Head Scratchers FAQs: Will hair loss ever be cured?

Wondering if a cure for hair loss will ever be found? 

It may be working for Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and heavyweight hardman Tyson Fury, but for many men, baldness…

22nd August 2019

Questions You Should Ask Your Surgeon Before a Hair Transplant

There are several factors that determine whether a hair transplant is right for you. At your consultant appointment, the surgeon should assess you by your age, health and the…

26th October 2018

Do Hair Transplants Work?

In the hands of the right surgeon, hair transplants have a high chance of success and are a far more reliable long-term solution than using restoration products.

However, if…

26th October 2018

What to Expect from a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair Transplants in the UK vs Turkey - What to Expect 


Turkey has fast become a go to place for hair transplants with increasing numbers of locals and tourists…

29th August 2018

How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost?

What's the Cost of a Hair Transplant in the UK?

Receiving a hair transplant in the UK can cost between £4-15k. As with any medical procedure, you should…

29th August 2018

Head Scratchers: FAQ’s Why Does Hair Sometimes Shed After A HT?

Hair Shedding After a Hair Transplant - Your FAQ's Answered 

After a transplant, shedding takes place because of trauma to the hair follicles during the removal and…

14th August 2013

Head Scratchers FAQs: Will Hair Loss Ever Be Cured?

If you have found yourself suffering from hair loss or a receding hair line, a hair transplant is a great, long-term solution that can give you a whole new body…

08th August 2013

Head Scratchers FAQs: How soon after hair transplant surgery will I see results?

This is a commonly asked question when it comes to hair transplant surgery – how soon after your hair transplant will your hair start to noticeably grow?


Initially, the transplanted…

31st July 2013

FAQs On Hair Loss

Worried about hair loss? If you’re someone who is really concerned about the process of hair loss and find yourself constantly questioning different things regarding the process of hair…

29th July 2013

What Causes Men To Want A Hair Transplant?

We are often asked at Crown Clinic what prompts men to  seek a hair transplant.

The simple answer is that there are lots of reasons.

Men are much less…

08th July 2013

What’s Involved In Hair Transplant Surgery?

Both men and women could suffer from hair loss at one time or another, with hormones and ageing being just two of the possible causes. Whilst there are both…

02nd October 2012